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Published: 03/13/2024

Rain or Shine: What Can Cause Drayage Delays (& How to Dodge It)

We know the importance of staying on top of unpredictable weather patterns and current events to ensure smooth drayage operations.


As a leading logistics and transportation company in the US, at White Star Logistics we know firsthand the importance of staying on top of unpredictable weather patterns and current events to ensure smooth operations in the world of drayage.

When Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball with severe weather like hurricanes, snowstorms, or floods, the impacts on drayage can be significant. These weather events can cause delays in shipments, damage to cargo, and increase transportation costs. Picture a snowstorm hitting the Midwest, leading to road closures and dangerous driving conditions, resulting in delays and extra expenses for drayage companies.

To combat these weather-related obstacles, staying one step ahead is key. Regularly monitoring weather forecasts allows drayage companies to adapt their schedules, reroute shipments, and keep customers in the loop to minimize any disruptions to the supply chain.

At White Star Logistics, we prioritize notifying you of potential disruptions stemming from forecasted weather conditions and offer alternative solutions for your drayage requirements. 

Navigating Additional Drayage Challenges

In addition to weather challenges, current events such as political issues, labor strikes, and economic downturns can also throw a wrench into drayage operations. For example, a labor strike at a major port causing delays in loading and unloading cargo, creating disruption for supply chains and driving up costs for drayage companies. It’s essential for drayage companies to stay informed and proactive in response to unfolding events and potential risks, adjusting operations and implementing contingency plans as needed.

Holidays, too, can have a significant impact on delivery times in the drayage world. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many main ports will be either closed or operating on reduced hours, presenting logistical challenges. We understand the importance of efficient logistics and the hurdles that holidays can bring. Closed ports or limited hours can disrupt supply chains and delay shipments, making it crucial for shippers and carriers to plan ahead and communicate effectively to keep deliveries on track.

Working with experienced logistics providers like White Star Logistics can also help navigate through holiday schedules and ensure that shipments arrive on time, every time.

Here Is Our #WSLProTips Checklist to Prevent Disruptions in the Drayage World:

Plan Ahead

If you know that a holiday or strike is approaching, try to schedule your shipment to avoid any potential disruptions. Make sure to communicate with your drayage carrier to discuss any necessary adjustments to the delivery schedule.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated on any changes in port schedules or transportation regulations that may impact your shipment. Communication is key in ensuring smooth deliveries, so make sure to reach out to your drayage carrier or client for any updates on either end.

Pack Accordingly

In case of inclement weather, make sure your shipment is properly packed and secured to withstand any potential impact. Use sturdy packing materials and protective measures to prevent damage to your goods during transportation.

Have Contingency Plans

In case of unexpected delays or disruptions, have contingency plans in place to address any issues that may arise. Work with your drayage carrier to come up with alternative solutions and keep communication open to minimize any potential disruptions.

Follow Safety Drayage Guidelines

Ensure that your shipment complies with all safety regulations and guidelines to prevent any accidents or delays during transportation. Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to deliveries, especially during challenging weather conditions or other external factors.

By following these checklist items and maintaining open communication with your drayage carrier, you can help ensure smooth deliveries even in the face of weather issues, holidays, or strikes that may impact transportation schedules. Remember, preparation and collaboration are key to successful deliveries in any situation.

At White Star Logistics, we are committed to providing reliable, efficient transportation services that meet the unique challenges of the drayage industry. If you are interested in a drayage quote, contact us today. We can help you meet your drayage needs during this next holiday weekend or in the future.

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