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White Star Logistics proudly offers our customers a comprehensive Drayage shipping service.

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At White Star Logistics, we understand how important it is to get your cargo where it needs to be fast and on time. That's why we specialize in Drayage services, allowing us to quickly move your containers and other time-sensitive shipments.


Being one of the best drayage companies in NJ, we offer comprehensive services for imports, including pickup from any port location and delivery to the final destination. Our reliable fleet of trucks ensures your goods are transported quickly and safely without sacrificing quality. Our experienced drivers are well-versed in navigating local terrain. We can offer solutions for time-sensitive shipments, such as pharmaceuticals or other perishable items that must be delivered within a narrow window of time.


White Star Logistics' export drayage services offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to move containers, whether from manufacturing to port or rail as well as from warehouse to port or rail. Our experienced team of logistics professionals can easily handle any export shipment using specialized equipment and a commitment to customer service. We provide multiple choices for inter-carrier drayage, such as door-to-door pickup and delivery, rail transport coordination, and full truckload pickup and delivery.


White Star Logistics offers intermodal drayage services that make it easy and cost-effective to move cargo between multiple modes of transportation. We provide a reliable service for your intermodal shipments with trucks and containers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Drayage carriers specialize in short-distance transportation within New Jersey. Their localized expertise translates to faster and more economical movement of your shipments between various hubs, ensuring smoother transitions and reducing overall transit times.

Our trusted local drayage company in New Jersey offers a range of services, including 

  • Local drayage, 
  • Intermodal drayage, and 
  • Export drayage. 

These services cover the transportation of containers, ensuring your goods move seamlessly to and from ports, rail yards, and distribution centers.

Drayage shipping, especially when handled by environmentally conscious carriers, plays a part in reducing your supply chain's carbon footprint. Through optimized routes and eco-friendly practices, these companies contribute to a more sustainable and eco-responsible transportation process.

White Star Logistics is a local drayage company in New Jersey. We prioritize reliability, experience, reputation, and a strong network of transportation connections. When you opt for us, you opt for a company with a solid track record that ensures secure and timely movement of your shipments.

We are one of the leading intermodal drayage companies in NJ. We offer a seamless transition between different transportation modes, integrating trucking, rail, and ocean freight for optimal efficiency. With this approach, we ensure your goods move smoothly across various transportation networks. Now, skip the hassle of shipping yourself, and let us manage everything.

We are proudly one of the top drayage companies in NJ and distinguish itself through reliability, extensive experience, a comprehensive range of services, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Seek a company with a proven track record that consistently delivers outstanding drayage solutions.

Our drayage trucking company in New Jersey focuses on the swift movement of containers and goods between transportation hubs. With strategically located facilities and a well-maintained fleet, these services ensure your shipments reach their destinations efficiently and punctually.

Absolutely! Reputable drayage providers in New Jersey offer both import and export drayage services, facilitating the smooth movement of containers to and from ports for both inbound and outbound shipments.

Pinpointing the top drayage companies involves considering factors such as industry reputation, customer reviews, service offerings, and the ability to tailor solutions. Look for companies that align with your specific logistics requirements and have a proven history of excellence in drayage services.

Expedited drayage is a type of drayage service specifically designed for time-sensitive deliveries, often catering to same-day shipping services. It prioritizes quick and efficient transportation of cargo to meet tight delivery deadlines.

Inter-carrier drayage is a method of transporting cargo between multiple carriers. For instance, it may involve moving goods from a rail station to a seaside port or a trucking terminal, facilitating the seamless transition of cargo between different transportation modes.

Intra-carrier drayage is a service that involves transporting cargo to two or more separate hubs owned by the same carrier. This ensures efficient movement of goods within the carrier's network of facilities.

Pier drayage refers to the process of moving cargo from a rail terminal to a dock or pier for ocean shipping. It plays a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of goods between different transportation modes, ensuring a smooth transition from land to sea.

Shuttle drayage is often employed when the origin hub becomes overcrowded. It involves the movement of intermodal cargo units to temporary shipping points, helping to alleviate congestion and maintain the efficiency of the transportation process.

Door-to-door drayage is a popular method where the container is delivered directly to the retail customer via truck. This comprehensive service ensures that the cargo is transported seamlessly from its point of origin to the final destination, providing end-to-end logistics solutions.

At White Star Logistics, our typical turnaround time for drayage ranges from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the specific requirements and distance between pickup and delivery points.

Cargo safety is a top priority for us. We employ secure strapping and blocking methods, and our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems to monitor cargo in real-time. We also conduct regular safety training for our drivers.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Our pricing is based on the type of cargo, distance, and any additional services required. We offer competitive rates and transparent pricing structures. Payment terms can be discussed based on the client's preferences.

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