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Specialized services

White Star Logistics offers an assortment of specialized services to support your transportation needs.

We meet

The highest of standards

While using extra care to ensure that all items are delivered safely, efficiently, and effectively on time and to meet the highest of standards. Our team has extensive knowledge in complying with safety regulations for a variety of products, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely at its destination.

Oversized Freight

White Star Logistics is experienced in oversized freight services that involve more complex logistical solutions and increased safety measures. Our team is knowledgeable in handling heavy, extensive, and out of gauge items, ensuring secure transport with tracking options available all along the way to guarantee your shipment arrives on time and without damage.

Overweight Freight

White Star Logistics specializes in transporting overweight freight and offers a full range of services to accommodate the needs of businesses. Our procurement team is equipped to handle loads that require extra attention to large items that require specialized heavy haul equipment. We take the necessary steps to ensure your cargo's safe and efficient delivery, including arranging special permits and other essential documentation for overweight freight shipments.

White Glove Service

White Star Logistics' White Glove service for the retail industry is renowned for its timely, reliable, and secure delivery of goods. Our team offers a personalized touch, providing extra attention to detail and care to ensure that each item is carefully handled, packaged securely, and delivered safely to its final destination without issue. We understand the value of our customers' shipments and take extra steps to guarantee a successful outcome by using best practices in transportation logistics management.


White Star Logistics' bonded services are comprehensive and tailored to meet customers' needs in various industries. We offer an array of secure, insured transportation for your bonded requirements on imports and cross-border shipments.


White Star Logistics offers transport services of hazmat cargo. Our hazmat services adhere strictly to all industry regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our customers' shipments are secure and handled with the utmost care.

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